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Current board members, as of September 2017. Left to right, front row: Autumn Cairns, Rebecca Armutat, Suzi Jackson, Theresa Testa, Chrissy Walmsley. back row: Dave Kramer, Keith Poleti, Desiree Kretchmar, Laura LeBlanc, Jason Ratkovich. Not pictured: Ruben Cruz, Kristen Plutko and Scott Slater


The CV Education Foundation is a registered 501c(3) organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations to the CVEF are tax deductible.

The mission of the Foundation is develop, promote, and finance innovative educational programs, activities, and projects for the Central Valley School District, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Creating partnerships between the Central Valley School, the community, and local businesses.
2. Providing opportunities for programs, speakers, artists in residence, District, the community, and businesses; authors, performing arts, or other innovative and unique program opportunities for the students of the Central Valley School District;
3. Promoting healthier and safer classroom environments;
4. Providing grants for teachers to promote excellence and innovation in the schools and classrooms of the Central Valley School District;
5. Assisting and promoting capital projects that will directly affect programs of excellence for the students, staff, and communities comprising the schools and classrooms of the Central Valley School District;
6. Providing scholarships for students of the Central Valley School District;
7. Ensuring the highest level of educational innovation supporting students, faculty, and staff with community involvement in a partnership of lifetime learning.

Board Officers:
Dave Kramer, President
Chrissy Walmsley, Vice Pres.
Theresa Testa, Secretary
Desiree Kretchmar, Treasurer

Rebecca Armutat
Autumn Cairns
Ruben Cruz
Susan Jackson
Laura LeBlanc
Keith Poleti
Kristen Plutko
Jason Ratkovich
Scott Slater

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