Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes. The Central Valley Education Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c )(3) tax-exempt corporation. Any contribution made to the Foundation is tax deductible.  A receipt for your contribution will be provided upon request.

Who makes up the board of directors?

The Central Valley Educational Foundation Board is a diverse group. Each member has a solid background, possesses a deep interest in education and is committed to the highest levels of integrity. No Director shall receive, directly or indirectly, any compensation for his or her services as Director.

What is an Education Foundation?

An Education Foundation is an organization comprised of concerned citizens who recognize that as education has become more important and more complex, there is a need to develop a means to raise funds for innovative and effective programs that improve student achievement and foster lifelong learning.

How long have Education Foundations been around?

Since 1978 thousands of communities in the United States have established foundations with similar missions as the CVEF.

How long has Central Valley Education Foundation been in existence?

Central Valley Education Foundation has been in existence since 2010 when the Center Area School District merged with the Monaca School District.  Prior to 2010, CVEF was incorporated as CAEF Center Area Education Foundation in 2006.

What types of programs receive funding?

The focus of grant funding is on teacher-initiated projects that encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative, innovative and well-designed instructional approaches to learning.

Scholarships are awarded based on student merit and financial need to graduating Central Valley seniors.

What accountability is there for CVEF funds?

The CVEF is recognized under state and federal law as a 501(c)3 charitable, tax-exempt organization. The Board of Directors carefully oversees donations and grants as stewards of CVEF resources. These financial records are open to public review.