Teacher Grants

The Program

The Central Valley Education Foundation rewards the creation of exciting and innovative educational ideas through the Foundation Grants Program. Grants of up to $600 will be awarded to enable unique teaching strategies and programs to become a reality

The Concept

Foundation Grants Programs are not a new idea. They have evolved to support innovative ideas in the classroom that are otherwise not funded. Their prime goal is to reward staff with an opportunity to put exciting and often cherished ideas into practice.

Materials developed in foundation grants projects frequently become part of the school’s curriculum. The excitement generated by a single grant can influence the learning climate of an entire school.

Foundation grants are effective because they provide funding directly to the staff and their classrooms.

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Central Valley Education Foundation Board Members and the CVSD Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments. Based on the availability of funds, the projects will be chosen on a competitive basis. Interested staff should fill out the application carefully.

Each proposal will be reviewed with respect to the following criteria:

  • The project must be both innovative and curriculum
  • The project must be clearly stated. The project’s purpose and goals must be realistic and worthwhile. Describe how you will measure the success of the project.
  • Clearly describe all procedures to be followed. Specify all needed methods, materials, resource personnel, tentative timeline/schedule and completion date.
  • The budget request must be reasonable and detailed. All proposals must include an itemized budget.
  • Final approval and funding of grants will be determined at the discretion of the CVEF Grant Committee.
  • Reminder: Funding is per PROJECT, not per staff member-related.

Application Process

Interested applicants should complete the following process:

  1. Consider a project you would like to try in your classroom. You may wish to work with other teachers, administrators, and/or parents.
  2. Calculate the cost of the project. Obtain prices for the materials and supplies you will need.
  3. Carefully complete the application form. Application forms are available in each school office or on-line here.
  4. Staff will be notified by email about submission deadlines for the current school year.

***** IMPORTANT *****

  • Grants will be awarded in October and January of each year. There will be no extensions to the application deadline.
  • Grant applications must include all required approvals from administrators
  • All Evaluations must be submitted by the end of the school year in which the project was funded