2015-2016 Teacher Grants

The foundation is proud to have awarded the following 23 teacher grants for the 2015-2016 school year.  Please take some time to read about some of the great projects our teachers and students have worked on this year.  As the projects are completed, information and pictures will continue to be added, so check back often!



Center Grange Story Walk: B.E.A.R. Camp – Be Excited About Reading

On May 12, young Central Valley students and their families participated in the annual Story Walk at Center Grange Primary School…Read More

“Student Treasures” Hardbound Original Book (Grade 1 Reading)

Construct a Tale (Grade 1 Reading)

Setting the Scene: Macaroni Boy Outreach Program (Grade 4 Reading and Social Studies)

Todd Lane Sensory Room (Cross Curriculum)

Let’s Play and Learn Life Skills (Cross Curriculum)

Girls on the Run (Cross Curriculum)

This spring, Girls On the Run will provide an unforgettable experience for 20 girls in third through fifth grades, thanks in part to the Central Valley Education Foundation…Read more

Motion, Force and Models (Grade 5 Science)


Middle School

Girls Night Out-Transition from Todd Lane to Central Valley Middle School

Each May, the Central Valley Middle School welcomes the fifth grade girls with a “Girls Night Out”…Read more

Read Naturally Live (Grade 6 Reading)

Transportation Unit (Technology Education)

Duquesne English Festival Book Club (Reading)


High School

TRX Program: Total Body Resistance Exercise Program

Study Island: Improving Student Achievement on Biology Keystone Exam (Science)

In the next couple of years, passing a Biology Keystone Exam will be a graduation requirement for all Pennsylvania students…Read more

Beyond the Shelves: A Fiction Facelift (Library)

High School Librarian Lynn Russman is on a mission to help students find their next favorite book…Read more

Chamber Theatre Productions Literature Series L (English)

Realityworks: Real Care Baby, Infant Simulation Project (Family Consumer Science)

Students in Caroline Huber’s Family Consumer Science class were able to experience the challenges of caring for an infant for one weekend this school year…Read more

Exploring Wind Energy (Science)

How to Win Friends and Influence People (Business Education)

Students in Roxanne Delon’s Business Management class will learn leadership skills by reading and studying “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie…Read more

Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. (Social Studies and German)

Bots IQ, Fighting Robots (Technology Education)

Bill Fiedler’s BOTS IQ class at Central Valley High School started as an after-school club with six students in 2007…Read more

Show Choir Choreographer (Music)

CV Adopt a Playhouse Project (Technology Education)

For the past five years, architecture students in Charles Hufnagle’s high school class have used their skills to support needy children in Beaver County…Read more