2016-2017 Teacher Grants

The Foundation is proud to have awarded the following 24 teacher grants for the 2016-2017 school year.  As the projects are completed, more photos and information will be added.


Center Grange Primary School

Bristal Ellefson –  – Sensory Baskets

Marie King, Sherri Miceli – Center Grange Story Walk 2017

Becky Dostalik – Library Spaces

Roxanne Delon – Bee Bots for Center Grange Technology

Sherri Miceli –  Construct a Tale

Andrea Magnifico – “Student Treasures” Hardbound Original Book

Carla Kosanovich – Josh and Gab Show


Todd Lane Elementary School

Chanda Weigel – Todd Lane Mosaic

Matthew Reese – Todd Lane Robotics

Barb Magnotta & Mary Jo Wood – Wednesday Walking Warriors Walk in the Line

Bristal Ellefson –  – Sensory Baskets

Emily Dingfelder, Amy Young – Drums Alive at Todd Lane

Amanda Eshbaugh – Math Tile Extensions

Jill Mumaw – Setting the Scene: Macaroni Boy Outreach Program

Cher Balestrieri, Amy Young & Heather Beckman – Sensory Room at Todd Lane


Middle School

Erin Palmer – Read Naturally Live

Julie Zarillo, Sarah Buckholtz & Jane Schlenke – Spring Carnival

Joy George, Beth Rosatone, & Bernadette Mattica – Girls Night Out- Transition from Todd Lane to the Middle School


High School

Sandy Reigel – Show Choir Choreographer

Chuck Hufnagle – Adopt a Playhouse Project

Bill Fiedler – BOTS IQ Fighting Robots

Kelly Molka – Art for the Heart

Kelly Olenic – Exploring Wind Energy

Wendy Lewis – Artist-in-Residence Program for Jazz Band