Teacher Grant FAQs

Fall 2016 teacher grant applications are due to Mrs. Renner by Friday, September 16th at 3 PM.


Does this involve a significant amount of paperwork?

No. The application form is three page. Should you receive a grant, you will be asked to submit a one-page final evaluation report upon completion of your project.

What kind of project can I propose?

Almost anything that is innovative, related to the curriculum and directly involves your students will be accepted. Your project will be evaluated according to the criteria listed in this brochure.

Can my project include the purchase of equipment?

Yes, only if it is an integral part of your project. The purchase of equipment not vital to the project will not be funded.

If I am awarded a grant, how soon may I start my project?

You may begin immediately.

If a project is receiving funding from an additional source, can a grant application be submitted to CVEF?

Yes. CVEF grant monies can supplement the project’s current funding.

If my project involves a large number of students, will that improve my chances of receiving a grant?

No. It’s the project that will be evaluated, not the number of students involved.

What happens if I have “leftover” funds upon the completion of my project?

Upon conclusion of your project, Grant receipts will be paid to a maximum of $600.